Tuesday, April 27, 2010

What is a battle?

What is a battle? Some athletes consider going back out on the field or on the court, a battle. Some addicts battle their addiction. Some people battle feelings. Sick people have to battle cancer, disease, etc. And then we have our police officers who battle an array of things every time they put on that uniform. They choose to battle. It's a choice. No one made them do this, at some point in their life they wrote a blank check made payable to 'The People That We Serve and Protect', for an amount 'up to, and including their life'. That is honor, and there are way too many people in this country today who no longer understand that fact!

I always have known my husband's job is dangerous, but something happened this week that made it real clear. Everything is fine, he is a little banged up but he is ok. But the scenario could have gone differently, it had the potential to be very bad. I was listening to the scanner at that exact moment and I have to say I don't think I have ever been so scared. My days of listening to the scanner are over. You don't find out enough you only find out a little, and it is the little bit it takes to make you think the worst. My husband is in dangerous, scary situations everyday but without going into a bunch of details I can just simple say this one was different, more heated. I can't share all the details, and thank goodness it was the best scenario possible because my husband is smart and strong ;-) and he has amazing back up and good dispatchers. But it definitely made me think. Made me think that I wont nag him about not taking the trash out before he goes to work. I wont let that last moment, should it ever be, be bad. I will only give him the best part of me. I wont sweat the small things and I wont make a big deal out of little things. I will appreciate him more and love him even harder. Will you do these things for the one you love? It shouldn't take a scary situation to make us realize we should always strive to be kinder, more loving, and cherish every moment. Police officer or not, you never know when the last time will be. NEVER. Treat every moment as if it is your last.


  1. So true,you never know,its a sad fact we tend to forget what type of job they go to everyday until a scary eye opening moment,I cant imagine listening to the scanner!glad all is well!

  2. thank you, me too. It was very scary and could have been so much worse.