Wednesday, April 28, 2010

My heart is busting!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am so proud of my son!!! He has always been smart and he has always, for the most part, been well behaved (minus the terrible two's, lol). He has always been very special and most who meet him notice that. His hunger for learning has always been big, and I have always worked hard to teach him all I thought I could. It paid off. He got his quarterly progress report from school and it was awesome! He reads an average of 46 words per minute, exceeding the standard 30 words per minute, he can read over 300 sight words, and he has read more books than anyone else in the entire Kindergarten! He did well in all areas and she said his behavior and manners were to be modeled after! I don't know if it is the first part or the last part that makes me more proud! I have been reading to Blake pretty much every single night since he was just a baby and it planted a love for reading and learning. I need something like this today too...I have been feeling strange ever since Stacy's heated moment at work, that I told about in my last post. BUT he has to go back to work tonight, and that is just the way it is, thankfully he will get off at midnight tonight, he only has to work half a shift because he has SWAT practice all day tomorrow. So he will only be gone for 6 short hours, and back home to snuggle with me. :-) But it was nice for Blake to come home with such awesome marks! It was the highlight of my day today and takes away form the anxious feeling I am having about Stacy going to work.

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