Sunday, January 31, 2010

Random thoughts...

It has NOT been a fun weekend. Blake's ear was acting up, and of course for us this is a bigger deal than most, it was the ear he has/had the tumor's in. His otolaryngologist thinks it is just the cold weather getting to it this time and not something bigger, but we will see. The expect the tumor to grow soon, but I have been thinking that God is bigger than the odds. Hoping and praying that the tumor never grows again.

Then to top it off my monthly visitor (aunt flow) arrived very late this month and then when she finally did come, OH MAN. She came with a fury! It has been so painful and hard!! I was in the fetal position for most of the last 24 hours and puking my head off as well, and my husband called in last night and used some comp. time. He NEVER calls in. EVER. There have been times I needed him home so badly and he just could not take off work, but they had been wanting him to use 12 hours of his comp. time so it worked out well, I was so thankful he was here. He gets to stay home again tonight because he has SWAT school all week starting at 5:00 a.m. tomorrow. So he was already off tonight, that is helpful too. I am no longer in the fetal position and puking, but I am still hurting badly. Hopefully tomorrow will be better, it better be, it is all me next week on my own with the kiddos and baby Aidan. If it is not better, then oh well I guess, right? lol That is being a mom. I was lucky to get the break I got yesterday! So I wont whine. Definitely going back to see about getting a hysterectomy though, I don't have any SERIOUS life threatening problems in that area, but I do have a lot of minor, painful issues that are making my monthly visitors so bad. I was told at one point I am a candidate for hysterectomy, but now thanks to an insurance change, I have to start over with a new doctor. I was putting off going because it seemed to have improved for a while, but after the last couple days, I know I gotta go back now.

Please say a prayer for Stacy at SWAT school next week. I have heard it is hell on Earth. They say it is the hardest thing they will ever have to do, way harder than academy and his academy was military style. The first thing he has to do is shoot 99% on an active shooter course. If he doesn't do that, he will come home and go back again another week. He will keep going till he gets it, MANY of the guys do not get it the first day. Many of the guys on his own SWAT team have had to leave and go back till they get it, so it wont be a HUGE deal, but I know he wants to go ahead and get it and be done with it. They shoot on the first day (tomorrow). So we shall see. PRAY!

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  1. Found you through Mrs. Fuzz. I hope everything works out well for you and your little man. Hope your hubby made it through SWAT training okay!