Monday, April 12, 2010

Family Update

I have been slacking in my blogging. Things have been hectic! Stacy has been busy with SWAT, training, and reg. patrol and so that sort of adds more to my boat, but I don't mind. Even when it is frustrating, it is worth it. He is doing so well in his career and when he is home he does his very best to make up for being gone. I truly could not ask for a better man. I think God hand picked him for me! :-) I got to have my little man, Blake, home for Spring Break last week. That was nice. I missed him today when school started back. We didn't do anything special last week, but we did lots of little things that were fun. Natalie is really growing. She is talking more and doing more. I created another blog today that will track her progress with a popular system called "My Baby Can Read". It will soon be listed with my other blogs. But this will remain my main blog. Things are going well, everyone is healthy, and if you know us well enough, you know how much that means. It means more than anything! My knee is coming along. Found out surgery is not an option right now after all. Not sure if I feel like that is a good or bad thing. But I started some intense physical therapy in hopes to strengthen things in there and ease the pain. At the end of the day, if all I have to complain about is my knee, then I am good!

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