Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Baby, Toddler, Big Kid

Ok, I think I am finally ready to write. Blake goes back to school tomorrow I sure am going to miss him, but Christmas break ends tomorrow. I started baby sitting a baby boy, Aidan, yesterday. It is an adjustment to figure out how to satisfy him and Natalie at the same time and she is DEFINITELY jealous, but today was a little easier than yesterday and I am sure I will have it together in no time. Watching Aidan though, and how small he is (he is almost 3 months old) reminds me of how big my kids are. Especially Blake, but even Natalie seems so much bigger compared to Aidan and she was an itty bitty premature baby. She talks and walks and plays and laughs and sings now. Time went by SO fast, and then with Blake, well now that he is 6 that just speaks for itself, it has been a long time since he was even as little as his sister, much less Aidan.

We made the decision when Natalie was a few months old to permanently ensure we would not have any more children. Not because I do not love babies and children. And it is not like we don't think our kids are the best thing to ever happen to us. I just had two really hard pregnancies, my doctors don't recommend anymore, and financially I don't think we can afford anymore babies. I always said I just wanted a boy and a girl, so I guess I got what I wanted,and I love them more than life itself, but like most overly hormonal women, when I get around an itty bitty baby, I question my decision. When these two are 5 and 10 will I wish I could have another baby??? I guess the good thing is that the route we chose (vasectomy for Stacy) is 100% reversible, just might cost a lot, but still it is always an option if it ever gets to that point.

Anyway, babies are are all children. I heard someone refer to a child as a devil child yesterday and that just disturbs me beyond belief. It does happen to be a child I know and have known since he was about 12-18 months old I think, he is dear to me, but either way, you don't refer to a child like that! He is just a child. And he is precious. And I know his mommy can see this so she should know her son is amazing!!!!! To be clear, she did not call him that, she knows he is amazing :-0

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