Saturday, January 9, 2010

Our Iceopacolypse

It has been a crazy 24+ hours. Especially if you were my husband or many of the other officers out working last night, today and tonight. The weather forecast called for a "light dusting of snow". Well we got about 1 1/2 - 2 inches, not a problem,...but the ICE they did not call for, was. It was so bad that all the roads around here were COVERED in a solid blanket of ice. Stacy worked out in it all night last night and tonight, he said his car was "ice skating all over the road" all night. He hit a mailbox, got stuck a few times, and spun his car around and around a few times as well. They dealt with one wreck after another after another. My husband usually does not deal with wrecks, they have two officers on their shift they work all the wrecks, he deals with drugs, gangs, violence and answers dispatched calls aside from wrecks, but all they all did last night was work wrecks. Most of them they had to walk to because they could not get their patrol cars down the road on the ice either. Even the police were getting stuck. He had one call in one spot that started with a lady sliding on the ice and running into a house, then the homeowner got pissed, ran out with a gun....during that call his patrol car and an officer who came to back him up got their cars stuck, and they also hit the homeowners mailbox from sliding on the ice, AND there were 4 more wrecks during this time in front of that house. It was a scary night for the officer, or more so for all the wives at home worrying about their husbands driving around on the ice all night. It was really, really bad. Cars in ditches, some abandoned, all over the place, multiple car pile ups back to back and cars stuck at the bottom of hills because they could not get up the hill. Thankfully Stacy made it back home to us safe and sound, and FREEZING cold this morning. He is back out there tonight but it is not quite as bad tonight, the main roads have improved greatly, though the side roads are still a problem.

As for the actual snow itself, the kids loved it. Well correction, BLAKE loved it, not Natalie. I wouldn't let her out there too much anyway, it was 5 degrees with the windchill, way too cold for her and super windy. I made Blake bundle up in multiple layers and he got to build a snow man and we had a snowball fight. He has really enjoyed it. The snow is beautiful, just wish there was not that intense ice. You expect a little ice with snow, but not like that, not where all of the roads in your entire town are just solid sheets of ice. It is not supposed to get above freezing for a few days here with the windchill so it will be messy for a few days to come but I think the worst is over. While daddy was working and sleeping, we spent some time playing in the snow, but it is SO cold you can't stay out there more than 30 minutes or so so we went out once yesterday evening when it started, and then a few times today. Other than that we stayed warm, dry and cozy (unlike poor Stacy) with lots of movies and hot chocolate and cookies and such to warm our tummy's. :-) I am posting up a a few pics of the snow.

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