Monday, December 28, 2009

Natalie being a little mommy....

We had a wonderful Christmas but I will blog about that later, however I had to share this...A lot of times I have to rock Natalie to sleep and I always pat her back while I rock her. Well she got a baby stuffed Elmo for Christmas, it is small enough sized that she can hold it like a baby. So she woke up during the night a little bit ago (she is not feeling well) and as I was getting ready to rock her back to sleep, she had Elmo in hand as she has since she got him, and she picked him up, held him up to her chest like you would a small child or baby and began to rock back and forth and pat his back and sing to him. JUST LIKE I DO HER. lol Then she looked up at me and smiled and gave me a kiss. As if to say "Mommy I love you". I just grabbed her up and gave her a BIG mommy hug and kiss and rocked her back to sleep. I love being a mommy!!!!

You forget how much they learn form you by simply watching!!!! It was the sweetest thing, I am hoping she will do it again in the morning for her daddy...that would melt his heart (even more than she already does, lol)The picture above is Natalie and her baby Elmo on Christmas morning.

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