Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Only 10 more days until Christmas! I am so excited. I have everything right down to the batteries and stocking suffers already, this is a HUGE feat for me, as I am usually running around on Christmas Eve getting the last minute items. It has been a wonderful Christmas season so far already. I took the kids to see Santa in our town's lighting of the tree a couple weeks ago, Natalie wanted NOTHING to do with him and I only got a picture of Blake with him so Blake's school was hosting Breakfast with Santa this past Saturday and I thought "Another chance to get a picture of BOTH kids with Santa!" Yeah....not so much! She sat there this time but she screamed the entire time, lol. Blake was like that as a baby. Speaking of Blake being a baby, at the end of this month my little boy will be 6 years old. I can't say that without recounting the years to assure I have not added that wrong. 6 years has flown by and that little boy is my biggest hero! He has been through so many hardships with his tumors and surgeries and constant catscans and check ups but he has come out on top. He just had a check up recently, it went well. We are clear for another 4 weeks. Through all Blake went through, and continues to go through, he always smiles and is happy. He is so tough and so strong. He is doing excellent in school, he gets in trouble about once a week for talking too much, but his teacher says if she had a room full of kids like Blake she would be happy, lol.

I get on to him for the excessive talking, but there is a part of me that thinks, thank God he can. His tumor and the surgeries themselves compromise the never that is crucial for the opening and closing of the mouth, for talking, for eating. This is just ONE risk of his disease. SO while I don't let him know it, I am pretty glad my little man can talk too much. :-) Other than that he doesn't get in trouble for anything. His teacher says he is smart, kind, polite and well behaved. He loves science, reading and building. He can now read on a 1st grade advanced level. He is having his big birthday party this coming Saturday, since his birthday is so close to Christmas (5 days after) we decided to do his party early this year. He is very excited about that. All his little friends will be there. He is also excited that his Nana and Papa are coming into town and Thursday and we be able to come to his party. They will leave on Saturday.

Natalie is doing great, amazingly she leaves the Christmas tree alone and the presents as well. I remember when Blake was her age, it was a constant battle of getting him to leave them alone, but she just kind of ignores it. Seems like if you tell her "No" about something just one time, that pretty much does it for her. NOW she has other issues, lol, but she is not as stubborn as her brother was at her age ;-) I can already tell that she will follow in her brother's footsteps (and my husband says these were my footsteps first) in that she is a little comedian, she loves it if she can make you laugh and she is just silly! :-) She makes me laugh all day long. Well with the busy next 10 days coming up this may be the last time I write until after Christmas, so Merry Christmas everyone!!!!