Saturday, December 5, 2009

No snow and other ramblings

Well NO snow today...maybe soon. It is COLD enough for sure, but I guess the precipitation didn't make it to our county, it did snow in other parts of our state. Today has been a lazy day. I usually live for these days, but we have had too many lately, I have a cartilage tear in my knee, and so I am down, have been since Thanksgiving night, and will be until Tuesday when I get my knee drained. I can't hardly walk on my knee, so taking both the kids anywhere right now by myself is not really an option and my husband has to work all weekend this weekend. It's ok though, we are stocked up on lots of Christmas movies and Christmas crafts for Blake to do.

I do have a funny story though, this morning the kids were playing in their room while I was having my coffee and catching up on emails. Blake (keep in mind he is almost 6, his sister just turned 1) comes running out and saying "MOM my eye!", he had a black eye! I asked what he did (assuming he had hit himself in the eye with a toy or something) and he says "Natalie whacked me in the eye." I tried to compose myself and not laugh, but it was a little humorous, that this itty, bitty little toddler girl whooped up on her big, tough brother, lol. I think she will be giving him a run for his money, she is feisty.

In other news, today I am floored at the audacity of some people. Women tend to stick together, but I find this especially true when they have a common bond such as being childhood friends, co-workers, and I see this just as often in police wives, especially when their husband work at the same department. But I witnesses one police wife verbally harass another today via a common social website. I will admit that one was my friend and so maybe I am partial to her, but it was quite ridiculous. Why are some women so crazy? She totally jumped down my friends throat over NOTHING. It was disturbing. My friend's husband is new to that department and she (the other girl) should be welcoming and kind to my friend, not vicious and cold. What ever happened to the family feeling of a police department???? I feel quite confident that this lady probably has very little friends, and I don't even know her. Oh well my friend doesn't need someone like that in her life anyway. I know my friend and I say it was the other girls loss.

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