Thursday, April 15, 2010

Dog Days

We are getting a dog!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I cannot tell you how excited I am! Really. I am like a kid at Christmas. It is a Yorkie, the cutest little dogs ever...I could be bias though, ;-) We had a Yorkie for 3 years, it was a wedding present to me from my husband. I had wanted a yorkie FOREVER and he finally got me one. His name was Carson and we loved that little guy more than anything. Until we had Blake. Carson was our baby, but then, like most young couples, we wanted a real baby. Well fur baby did not take well to real baby. And I had to pick one. lol Seriously though, poor Carson was really jealous of Blake and it was causing a lot of problems, he never became aggressive towards him really, but he starting peeing on everything and jumping on the baby. Tearing things up. We tried and tried and the vet said "He wasn't raised with kids, he was the baby and he isn't going to adjust." So we found him the most loving home and I cried every day for a long time.

But here are in present day and Blake longs for an animal. He is allergic to everything with fur (chinchillas, cats, guinea pigs, etc.) BUT it just so happens that YORKIES are different. They have human hair and he is NOT allergic to them. So long story short we all agreed it was time. I just my hubby to go pick up the dog about an hour and half away, they should be back in a couple hours and then we have to pick a name. So far Blake likes Yoda (Star Wars fanatic), Stacy like Major or Leo, and I like Finnegan( Finn for short). Pics and name update soon to come.

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